Boomer passed peacefully at the vet's office. He had recently been diagnosed with lymphoma. Boomer was always a very sweet boy. He liked nothing more than to keep your feet warm. He loved playing with his companion, Soxx. After overcoming some obstacles as a puppy, Boomer grew to be a loyal and loving member of our family. We will miss him greatly <3
My Thoughts are with your family at this difficult time.
R.I.P Boomer
Boomer will be missed next door! He was an awesome and sweet dog!
Steve, Kim, Saar, Molly, Knuckles, and Evie
I miss you. It breaks my heart that you are gone on and left us ( mom, Soxx, me ) You made our lives special. The daily task of checking that you were not eating Ms. Charlottes cat food for your midnight snack that’s how you gained weight. M Y D
You will be missed. Rest in peace Boomer.
Wanda and Tony