Flash you were my first rescue dog after coming to me as a tiny unwanted puppy but it soon became clear that you actually rescued me after a bad time. I now know you were destined to come to me as you soon became my doggie helper in animal rescue. Each new rescue we took in you were there by my side helping to settle each arrival. You became Heros eyes when he went blind overnight, you went from being our little Captain Chaos to playing close by to Hero so he always knew you were their. You stopped when you needed Hero to stop so always averting danger for him. You became a pretend puppy to Minnie when she arrived because thats what she needed. You became something to everyone of our 6 other rescue dogs and our 7 rescue cats and they all adored you as we did. You were known worldwide as my little sidekick in rescue work and loved by so many for your crazy antics but also your loving ways. I believe you were needed more over Rainbow Bridge to continue our work helping animals so until we meet again at that bridge i will always love you my little man, my little Captain Chaos my little sidekick. Sleep tight with the furry angels
To Anji and Family. I'm so sorry to hear about Flash and hope this helps to keep his memory alive x
John Reimann
what a beautiful dog