Hamakin died peacefully, alongside his family of nearly 2 years, Nov 12th, under the care of a warm blanket and under mom and dads care. Hamakin was adopted by his mother, Shelbi ciaramitaro , on Oct 11, 2017, and quickly became a hamster of legends. Hamakin arrived in his home with the ability to stuff more food than you would believe in his cheek pouches. Being able to destroy any finger that dare enter his cage and chew any wood or fluff in his way, Hamakin a little jerk at first quickly began building loving relationships with all those who came in contact with him, whether it be a new friend, another animal, or random who gave him attention after Thursday night karaoke. A lover of seeds, corn and hamster balls, Hamakin had many hobbies. Some of His favorite activities included exploring, acting like a spazz when it was time to be fed, and trying to figure out where exactly was the highest spot to stand on his wheel. In his spare time, Hamakin dreamt peacefully under his fluff or in his hut and the quickest way to Hamakins heart was a dried up tortilla. Hamakin will be greatly missed by many, but none more so than his mom and dad. Through thick and thin, they loved him with all their heart, and though the pain they feel without him is great, it in no way would compare to having never had him in their life. Besides his parents, Hamakin leaves behind a uncle and aunt, Charles and Emily; grandmother and grandfather, destiny and milo; Three siblings, Andreana, Mow and Hamantha; God mother, macdog. A God father Myles, and many amazing friends throughout the years. At the wishes of ‘Hammers’ and his family. Never take your pets for granted, the littlest things can have the biggest impact.