JoeJoe was brought home on april 1st 2015. Along with four sisters and one brother. He didn't stay outside long. His brother thought he was a female and tried to mate. During That he broke his spine. He survived. He could no longer walk. I bought him inside where he lived for 4 long years. Happy, warm and loved. Joe lost one of his feet. We called it his hell boy foot because it was so large. We put a joe boxer baby sock on it. He survived. He lived a long and happy life. Listened to Amazing Grace by Karlene every single night. Two of his sisters passed away. Ma petite (his soul mate) and kahlessi. A lot of people say every person has a soul mate. Joe was mine. He will always be mine. On the last night of joes life, he was held by both his mama and his Mamaw. Ate lots of noodles and had lots of cuddles. He passed away peacefully in his sleep that night. Now he waits for his mama and Mamaw on the rainbow bridge.