Oh Leo, We were destined to be together. We had no intention of having another dog, Our paths should never have crossed, but they did and you instantly picked me. You have been a member of our family since you were just 6 weeks old, bringing nothing but love and happiness, regardless of what life threw at you. I am lost without you, without you permanently at my feet, through work, rest and even sleep, I miss your frustrating nudges for even more attention, I miss watching you sleep with your ears cocked up and your tongue between your front teeth. I miss you knowing what room i was planning on going to next and being there waiting for me (how did you do that?) I miss the comfort that you gave. I miss you. I take some comfort in knowing your poor health was very sudden and short, but I wish you hadn't had to go. If my love for you could have saved you, you would live forever.
Life seems so quiet without you, For you were far more than a pet.
Rip my mate leo
Dan tavener
Rest in peace my beautiful boy,run free with Charlie Farlie ,you will always have a special place in my heart xxxxxxxxxx
To loose a Dog is like loosing a member of your family. My thoughts are with Karen Simon Lyns and Rhys. Although Leo is gone he will remain in your hearts and Memories forever. RIP Leo X
Nanny Chicken