All I ever known on Earth was abuse. I lived my whole life in fear. I never understood why I was so misunderstood. I thought I was a good boy that I was going to live a life like a regular dog. A dog that got petted, drank fresh water ,ate good food, ran and played around in the grass, chewd on toys & bones. Most of all a dog that would have a best friend for life. I never got that chance to live that life. The only chance I got was to live in the hands of a man that hated the animal kingdom. A man that tortured us, that beat us , that ate our blood. Until one day he finally released me in a way that no dog should ever have to go. His name my master was Brandon Evans 31 year old white male that brutally beat me ,stabbed me over and over and over nearly 50 times on Oct 10 2017.  I begged him to stop .I screamed, I cried, nobody heard me. I gave up that day ,I gave up trying to please someone that was so evil. I have no idea how my life landed into the hands of this man that stuffed me in a suitcase alive and left me dumped like trash 2 to die behind a abandoned house 2 doors away on 1935 Lee Street in Hollywood Florida. I guess it was a blessing in disguise because that day forward my dreams came true. I finally met my true angels the ones that showed me what it is to be loved and cared for like my life mattered. I was taken to Hollywood Animal Hospital where I thought my second chance in life was going to begin. I fought through two serious surgeries I really tried to live but my body could not take the pain and went into shock. My last breath on Earth finally was with people that showed me what is was to be  loved. That love continued to follow me after my ashes where dumped like trash in a landfill in Kissimmee Fl when I was sent to a lab to perform a necropsy on my lifeless body. The people on earth joined together in my memory to find justice so i could finally rest in peace at the rainbow heavens. They fought day and night with the Hollywood police force to find my killer and lock him up . My day finally came with all my angels that love me on November 22 2017 . My killer was finally found & arrested placed behind bars. I am forever thankful for all the people that love me. Please do not forget me as I will never forget any one of you. Remember my name and remember Justice was served because of you. I love you all, Ollie
I'm so sorry to hear your awful story Ollie. I hope you've now found peace and that your suffering has prevented others x
John (PetsHeldDear)
I'm sorry the pain & hurt you went through with that monster. He can't hurt you anymore, you are safe & free to be happy & play with friends in heaven and feast on good food. We all love you little one, always remember that.