Rosie, your love was unconditional, faithful above them all and always glad to see me... Although you had to leave, I know that you will wait, You'll wag your tail to greet me when I come through heaven's gate. What will I do without you, I loved you to the end, you'll always be my loving friend and forever have my heart. I miss you Rosie and I want you to know, I still see your face as I stand here and stare at your toys, my tears make a promise your memory will never fade. The sweetest, purest love that I have ever known came from you Rosie... In my heart you hold a place, no one else can ever fill. It broke my heart to lose you but you didn't go alone, part of me went with you the day God took you home. Goodbye Rosie, goodbye my friend, you'll be in my heart forever. My daily song to Rosie, Rosie's such a pretty girl, yes she is, yes she is... All the little doggie's know yes they do, yes they do... - I'll be seeing you Rosie.
I'll always love you, I'll miss you forever.
I will always love you my pretty little princess!
I'm very sorry for your loss. Sleep well Rosie x (I've updated the dates for you as requested).
John (PetsHeldDear)