After several extended illnesses, SQUEEZY™ crossed the doggy rainbow bridge at the wise canine age of 14, equivalent to 72 human years, on November 1st, 2018. Born September 1st, 2004, he went peacefully, alongside his loving human father. Built with a stereotypical Mexican Chihuahua small stature, his 8 lb. shadow, low-key signature personality, trademark obtrusive ears, and half-caring attention span anchored years of dedicated love from his many family and friends. Anyone that ever met SQUEEZY™ throughout his life journey recognized his timid, loving soul, and delicate [but sometimes prickish] personality. Since toddlerhood, his distinct charisma to locate any female within the room, canine or human, and immediately seek [and seal] affection, hugs, kisses, and build loving relationships throughout his teenage and adult years. Many canine friends predecease him across America, including former roommates, and dear canine friends, MAX [Houston, TX], ROCCO [Phoenix, AZ], and long distance Face-Time Chihuahua step brother RICOH [Endicott, NY]. SQUEEZY™ is survived by his adoring, loving, human father, J.J. ‘KADEN’ Pado [Phoenix, AZ], adoring human grand parents Dee & John Pado [Endicott, NY], latest canine pal-in-crime, CHEWIE [Phoenix, AZ], and much fond [human and canine] family, friends and dog-sitters within the Minneapolis, Minnesota,- Dallas, Texas,- Houston, Texas, and Phoenix, Arizona areas. A special recognition for the affectionate love given to him by April Ngo [Houston, TX], and the devoted, special love and care from Sara Kalish [Phoenix, AZ], in our time of need. Over the years, SQUEEZY™ was a lover of many activities, including sniff n’ strolls at local parks, road trips across America, fast food drive-thru schmoozing, destroying newly purchased carpets, warm & cozy arm-pit cuddling, barking excessively at extremely tall human males, chillin’ with Netflix [and usually snoring 5 minutes into the feature], devouring his native Mexican marinated chicken, and fast-food meat patties. He was a avid fan of comfy couches, notorious Hall Of Fame naps, snug blankets, licking other dogs’ butts, barking at objects not visible to the human eye, random tasty food treats, barking ‘GET OFF MY LAWN!’, and anyone that would give him a head scratch, doggie massage, or any affectionate love. His timid, but equally bold character starred in amazing online content throughout his doggie life on social media, and was the personality punch-line in many lame On-Air Radio jokes and Television segments. Because he was so goddamn adorable, he never once needed to be boarded, and was very fortunate to have an excess amount of volunteer doggie-sitters, regardless of city. As his human father shortly after birth, touching our foreheads together was my favorite expression of communicating ‘I Love You’ indefinitely, in addition to the ridiculous amount of hilarious one-sided conversations. In many situations, he was the constant main reminder of unconditional love, and the only stable variable in my life. Always my first friend in any new city, he traveled the country creating many memorable adventures, embarrassing mishaps, and often dressed in matching Yankees baseball wardrobe. ‘The anguish is now over, and I wish you an eternity of peace across the rainbow bridge, alongside the other wagging angels. Until we meet again, thank you for being beyond cute, awesomely adorable, my true special friend, and so damn SQUEEZY™.